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Executive Producers, Directors, Writers , Actors "We do it all?" Marissa Read And Selyna Warren tell us what they are working on, have been working on , how they got there and have a wonderful conversation with Amanda, Mark and Pete. Enjoy in stereo setting, this interesting and entertaining episode.

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Nurse practitioner, Jessica Edmonds , with her care for transgenders joins the the gang. In this eye opening, caring, giving interview, this professional gives just a small insight to into the lives of assisting transgenders with their full transformations to begin the newest chapter of their life.

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Here is a good laugh for you Episode 5 with Lord Will Orr or is he? Well he has a certificate saying that from highland and titles VIP lol.

Will is a Supervisor of the hard Rock Cafe at Universal City walk and a freelance cartoonist.

Amanda , Mark and Pete back with no changes of confusion just listen.

Very Funny Episode.

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A very interesting episode brings VR marketing specialist Shane Bingham explaining we are not far away from VR World. Mark gets to Yosemite but gets knocked out. Pete and Amanda visit Drag Queen Bingo.

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Amanda is back explaining about " I knew that segment" telling people about ride sharing . Is it worth it to be a driver ? Lots more questions answered. Dr Joanne Hill is on the segment " Sooo  what is it you do again?" Joanne is a doctor in radio active nuclear waste management , listen in to one of the most interesting segments. Amanda Mark and Pete deal with the heat 

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Episode 2 brings Pete to talk about his results , is he English?. MArk and Pete interview Saul Ibarra Senior Product specialist at the car shows. As always entertaining and fun for all.

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We are back , with a new season, new format and you!!! yes you give our show a try. It's fun , lively and educational ( we hope). The opening episode is with guest host Amanda Gavin and Guest Star from the Los Angeles Derby Dolls and Director of TV and Movie development Brittany Cope " Moon Bootz". Find out why we have been so long off air , YES PETE, laugh along with funny stories. Listen to see if you did "I knew that" where we enlighten you on everyday things you may have forgotten. Enjoy!

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MArk and Pete talk with Gordin about ride share , Mark continues with #Teenagers and another two funny event tales.

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SO GREAT having Amanda Gavin back not only as cohost but telling the production of TV shows.

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Amy Greenberg joins the guys to talk about Planning and Coordination.

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Lynsey Paul Joins the show to tell Mark and Pete about her, median qualities, her Yogi instruction, her Social media Influence on all social media. This lady does it all. Mark gets further into his #teenages training of what to watch out for on STDs. And a round of funny stories of mishaps on events ... 

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Jordan Schwartz ( AKA Shockey) CSI Los Angeles just got real. Tells us about her real job. #Teenages listen it's interesting. MOre event Stories and more education into STD STI from Mark. 

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Psychic Kyra Oser joins the lads to tell us about hypnosis, medium, and many other lines of work she is in. With the usual stories and teenagers information it another interesting show with laughter.

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Pete and Mark bring you some more of their hilarious event stories. With Daniel Ferguson joining them to talk about his Digital editing and Print quality business.Mark gives another lesson on teenagers understanding and education.

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Event Tales: Fun and true stories from Mark's and Pete's Past Events

So what is you do again? Jennifer Ellis talks about her job at EllisCain Web Design.

#Teenagers: What is going on with teenagers. STD's and HIV Presentation

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So what is you do again? Mona Kwan talks about her job at Jaguar Distribution.

Event Tales: Fun and true stories from Mark's and Pete's Past Events

#Teenagers: What is going on with teenagers. STD's and HIV Presentation

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Promo For New Season/Show

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Jason Marquez has a new Elvis album coming out and Pete and Mark talk about New Years resolutions.

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Mark and Pete talk about the holidays and then speak with Else Duff from The Los Angeles Roller Derby Dolls (aka Eveil E) and Teen Line..Mark gives his movie review....  No Shame In Asking

Teen Line

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Mark and Pete have the guest Kyra Oser with her Psychic, Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Counseling. Spectre Movie Review, Petes helpful hint and top 10 Electronic Christmas gifts

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Thanksgiving, Two lies and a truth, Mark and Pete doing their weekly podcast on things going off. Pete gives some interesting remarks on doctors tips. 

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This week Mark and Pete take on Social Media with the help of Amanda and touch on Halloween Costumes . Pete tests the knowledge of Amanda and Mark with an amusing trivia contest. Mark goes over popular costumes. 

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Mark and Pete are back with the latest in news of the week. They both touch on the subjects of the new royal baby Caroline Elizabeth Diana, Cinco de Mayo, their recent bachelor night they attended , their weekends event they were both on "the hope picnic", a game on Mayweather / Paquio fight, and Mark sums up the review of the new movie Avengers...

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This week in P3 Mark and Pete talk about Bruce Jenner , the waiting of the Royal Baby, Top 17 hobbies in the world, The Avengers new movie, and the Elvis Presley museum and Chapel in Las Vegas . 

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This week with P3 Mark and Pete talk about the new Apple Watch, Share ride services, like Uber, Lyft and Side Car and also whats going on in the world. With their wit and humor Mark and Pete touch on current affairs and entertainment. 

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Mark & Pete wrap up their series on what makes your party successful.

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Mark & Pete have an educational chat with Production Specialist Mike McDonald 

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Mark and Pete talk to award winning entertainer Randy Kort of Extravaganza Party Productions about his thoughts from the entertainers side

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Mark and Pete talk to Lori Veurink (one of the best event dancers around) to find out what dancers can bring to an event to make it even more special.

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Mark and Peter talk to Ashley, a bride that Mark and Peter were fortunate enough to perform at her wedding recently. Ashley lets our listeners in on what to look for when planning a wedding.

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An interview with one of LA's hottest Party Coordinator

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Besides entertainment, what else can be added to your event? The answers are all here along with ideas for games at your event.

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Mikael Lewis a bride to be Joins the the lads to ask some questions about her upcoming wedding.

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This episode goes over those all important frequently asked questions, mainly asked to Mark and Petes companies so mainly goes into the entertainment side. But a lot of these questions are also asked for the other vendors for your events.

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Part 2 of our interview with Professional Photographer Shannon Treglia of Shannons Photography. Shannon can be contacted at 818-843-8533 or visit

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Joined by photographer Shannon Treglia (He is a Man) of Shannons Photograghy at 818-843-8533. Mark and Pete this week ask the questions to Shannon what are the main aspects of a photographer on an event. Part 1 of our 2 part series with

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On this episode Mark and Pete discuss the importance of making and executing a timeline of an event. They also tell stories of their fun experiences.

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We are entertainers guiding you into the elements of the special event process of Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs , corporate events, birthday parties, school events, holiday parties, wrap parties, teambuildings, company picnics, etc. Wisdom, funny anecdotes and stories are provided throughout. 

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